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Laying Eggs

b2b roi case studies

In the late 90s I joined a Silicon Valley PR agency* that launched business to business technology companies. One of the job requirements was detailed end-of-month reporting. So after 300-400 hours of delivering client services each month, I spent one to three working days preparing reports. The goal: cost-justify retainer dollars.

Ethics: When a Client's Wrong, How Much Dissent is Right? [Graphic]

business ethics

I recently struggled with where to draw a line between giving advice to a client contact and escalating an issue in order to make sure that the client organization got the best results. Here's a recap, along with a graphic trying to summarize my approach. Input welcome.

Mailbag: Accept or Ignore LinkedIn Invitations from Unknowns?

LinkedIn best practices

Connecting with smart, ethical pros is rewarding. Connecting with creeps is not. Here’s how I filter requests before clicking ‘accept’ or ‘ignore’.

What's Cookin'? Plenty, If You Have All The Right Tools

describe the image

Think of platforms such as HubSpot and Volusion as well-equipped kitchens 

A Great Web Platform Doesn't Guarantee Great Design

AL Website Homepage Screen shot

HubSpot provides excellent services and technology, but it doesn't build websites.

Tales From Blunderland: Failure To Call A Halt

Law of Diminishing Returns Image

It's important to respect the law of diminishing returns when revising marketing material.

Customize Your Introductory Pitch To Boost B2B Prospecting Responses

Fiona Hughes, Marketing Director, B2B Communications

B2B Marketing & PR Expert, Fiona Hughes shares advice on how to show prospects that you've done your homework and understand their needs.

Lean B2B Marketing: Few Tactics -> Fast Implementation -> Big Results

Rebekah Donaldson, Founder of B2B Communications

Be skeptical about new tactics -- especially if you're a very small marketing team.

Surprise: Effective Networking Involves Working

business 247255 150

If you are genuinely interested in firming up your connections, act like it

Example Migration to Hubspot & DIFM Inbound Marketing Services

inbound marketing services

One client's path to the Hubspot platform and Do-It-For-Me (DIFM) inbound marketing services

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