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Writing web content – articles and training


Strong web content is the foundation of successful b2b marketing. My colleague Cris Rominger has posted two great articles on writing web content. And on Thursday next week is a training session by MarketingSherpa called How to Create High Conversion Lead Generation Content.

Writing web content – articles

In Writing Web Content for the Online Reader, Cris gives key facts about how people read online and tells why some web content is particularly effective.

In Website Content Tips, she offers six techniques to ensure your web content grabs the eye and gets attention.

Cris has focused on the web as a marketing communications tool since 1995. As the person responsible for web marketing at Business Communications Group, she helps ensure that a client’s online presence builds relationships and trust that lead to more sales.

High conversion web content — training

With web content writing best practices on the brain, I registered for a MarketingSherpa webinar on Thursday, January 29 – “How to Create High Conversion Lead Generation Content.” What caught my eye is the on-the-money agenda.

Sherpa’s email invitation reads:

This webinar will give you the tools you need to:

  • Create relevant content for each stage of the sales cycle
  • Use content to help sales have a valid business reason for follow-up
  • Create site and product tours that produce higher ROI

I gather that attendees also get a MarketingSherpa Special Report – “Create Content Your Prospects Adore.” These guys really have my number.


Website Content Tips: 6 Ways to Grab Readers’ Attention 
By Cris L. Rominger 
Excellent and on point.
Posted @ Saturday, April 24, 2010 1:17 PM by Lori Henely
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